I, Ella, the owner of ella.wantscuddl.es, value privacy heavily. More than most other websites out there claiming they do. Below I shortly write about what data I collect about visitors.

The website does not use any cookies or similar technologies such as local storage. There are no scripts on the static pages.

However, some pages in the /f/ directory use scripts. These scripts are solely used to make the page interactive, and are never used for tracking.

Logs of visits are stored for up to 14 days. These logs contain the Internet Protocol address (also known as IP address, or IP), date and time, the page requested, response status (such as 200 OK and 404 Not Found) and size, the referrer (sent as the Referer header) and the user agent, nothing else. The logs are used solely to ensure that links are not broken, prevent spam and for me to see anonymous information about visitors. They are stored on one device located in Sweden and are never shared with third parties.

This privacy policy is not likely to be updated, but if it is, you'll probably have to check this page again.

The website will not change owner. Instead, it would shut down.

As a side note, to protect yourself from tracking and spying on other websites, I recommend the following tools, along with turning cookies off by default:

Stay safe.