I was looking at my feed on Mastodon and saw a post mentioning that web developers and website owners should use the correct tags to make pages understood by assistive technology. I decided to look at how my own site was doing. It turned out, it was not as accessible as I thought it was.

Looking at a page, I found the following issues:

I spent some time solving these issues, and it was worth the effort. The pages still visually look mostly as usual, but a user of assistive technology should now have a much easier time navigating my website. This, however, does necessarily not mean my website is now completely accessible. I'd love to know how my readers experience my website, so please reach out and let me know!

And, while I was at updating the pages, I also added an email address for contact, and improved the page footer.
As a last side note, I have been using Mastodon on hellsite.site instead of mstdn.io for a while now, a choice which I don't regret.