Hi! I'm Ella and I run this webbed sight.

I exist on some other places on the internet too (such as a very few social media sites), but I don't have much interest in linking all those places here, since I'm either not actively using them or want to stop using them.

I'm fully aware that the website has a relatively low uptime, since it runs on my own personal device, and the IP changes occasionally which means the DNS records often need to be updated. This is done manually by other people, upon my request. However, mostly I try to keep the server up and running as much as possible. Expect more uptime in a few months or years.

I expected to port this website to the gemini protocol, but decided that different content is suitable there. My gemini space is opened!

This website is generated using a simple script I wrote in elixir, which you can find here.

I aim to make this website accessible and easy to use with accessibility tools such as screen readers. If you are using one, please let me know about your experience!
To contact me, use one of the links in the footer (preferably fediverse). I'd love to hear from my visitors!